Cybersecurity consulting services

Cyber security training (e-learning)

Easily learn about cyber security online
Fulfill the ISM code requirements for ship crew training
The curriculum meets the BIMCO guidelines (Version 3)

Focused on the maritime industry

We at NKCS, KDDI and KDS offer you training programs combining our expertise in onboard and onshore.

e-Learning System

The programs are available online anytime, anywhere via PC and smart device.

Training records

The program provides a certificate of completion in PDF format after passing a comprehension test.
CSMS Starter Campaign

CSMS Starter Campaign

The best for customers who want to start establishing CSMS !
For customers who have signed up for e-learning service 25 accounts, we will offer CSMS sample documents.
See brochure for details

 Brochure [PDF:711KB]

Training courses


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  • After June 1, 2021, the product will be sold in packages as shown in the table below.
  • The minimum purchase amount for the first time is 30,000 yen (You can apply for the second and subsequent times at any price).
Name of package Available course Price (Per person) Available period
For IT Responsible
Officers in Land
Onboard Basic Course 30,000 Yen 12 months
Onboard Advanced Course
Maritime Cyber Security Course
Technical Course (Attack Method)
For Responsible
Onboard Basic Course 15,000 Yen
Onboard Advanced Course
For Crews and
Onboard Basic Course 10,000 Yen

Service flow


1. Signing up

(1) Please submit the application attached below to via e-mail.
(2) We will send the invoice to you as soon as we receive the application and we will inform you of your ID and Password for logging in to the system upon receipt of your payment.
Application format:  Application Form
This Excel file is made up of two sheets.

  • ① Application for Consulting Services
  • ② Excel Sheet for Customer Information (Please send us the data in Excel format)

2. Learning

You can learn about cyber security online via PC and smart device.


3. Completion

The program provides a certificate of completion in PDF format after passing a comprehension test. This certificate can be used as an education record to prove your comprehension of the Cyber Security Management System.

Recommended system requirements

“Recommended OS” and “Recommended Browsers” refers to the OS and browsers that are mainly used for the operation verification by the e-learning system vendor when releasing. It can also be used from a supported OS or browser.
“The latest version of Edge" listed in the table below refers to the Chromium-based Edge. (The original Microsoft Edge will be scrapped and replaced with the Chromium-based Edge.)
Basically, versions prior to generation 2 are deprecated for iOS and iPad OS.

Terms of Service

  e-Learning Terms of Service


  e-Learning FAQ [PDF:549KB]


  e-Learning Manual
for Participants [PDF:3,572KB]

  e-Learning Manual
for Administrators [PDF:2,749KB]

  Initial Login Manual for Users

Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) construction support

Support with constructing the CSMS of companies and ships

  • Consultations regarding CSMS construction in line with “organizational measures” and ”technical measures”
  • See brochure for details

 Brochure [PDF:766KB]

For more information about consulting service, please contact us at the following e-mail :

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