For safe operation of the ship, it is important to prevent machinery trouble, properly understand the condition of onboard machinery and effectively carry out maintenance. ClassNK has developed a comprehensive software solution to support safe ship operations in cooperation with IMC Co., Ltd., DIESEL UNITED, LTD., Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., and MES TECHNOSERVICE Co., Ltd. This solution is the machinery maintenance management system "ClassNK CMAXS". ClassNK CMAXS not only supports safe operation of the ship and prevents machinery trouble at an early stage it also helps reduce the life cycle cost of machinery.

~Improving ship maintenance work with a user-friendly interface~

*CMAXS PMS and SPICS have been type approved by ClassNK.


ClassNK CMAXS PMS manages the maintenance work schedule, monitors work progress, and issues and manages work reports. For a better understanding of the ship’s maintenance status; the work schedule, its progress and the reports are shared between the ship and the ship’s manager. To alleviate the burden of ship-to-shore transmission, a simple e-mail function has been implemented to synchronize data between ship and shore.

ClassNK CMAXS SPICS offers support for spare parts inventory management and automatically calculates a ship’s needs, helping to avoid parts shortage. Using the system, the ship’s crew can forward their needs to the managing company as spare parts requests. Then, the ship’s manager, after checking these needs, can directly issue a quotation request to the desired suppliers. The information is shared between the ship and the office, allowing a better understanding of the status of the ship’s inventory and the ordered spare parts.

ClassNK CMAXS ABLOG is a perfect tool for managing the deck and engine’s Abstract Log data. By entering simple information, such as the ship’s position, weather conditions, sailing distance, bunker quantity, etc., on each port arrival/departure and every day at noon, the system automatically performs the necessary calculations and can create various reports (Deck & Engine Daily Log, Noon report etc.).

~Life cycle cost savings through safe and optimum operation & maintenance using enhanced condition diagnosis technology~


ClassNK CMAXS LC-A is a diagnostic platform which can be applied to almost all machinery in the machinery space under cooperation with machinery suppliers. This system completes the series of processes on board, so crews can take action quickly. ClassNK CMAXS LC-A integrates automatic anomaly analysis, automatic condition diagnosis and troubleshooting functions to show instructions for inspection and repair work when an abnormal condition is observed. ClassNK CMAXS LC-A integrates enhanced and innovative diagnosis algorithms, making it different from traditional performance analyzing systems. ClassNK CMAXS LC-A is a total support system that provides great value to users.

~Preventive maintenance through early detection of abnormalities and high accuracy condition analysis~


ClassNK CMAXS e-GICSX provides early detection of abnormalities by using sophisticated algorithms which can analyze big data collected from not only main engine sensors but also navigation data, such as weather and sea conditions. By merging together the onboard monitoring and engine performance results, this system can provide high accuracy condition analysis.

CMAXS Web Service

Shore-side users such as shipping companies can quickly and easily comprehend their fleet information via the CMAXS Web Service. The CMAXS Web Service has a common interface which connects both ClassNK CMAXS LC-A and ClassNK CMAXS e-GICSX, making it possible to easily identify if there is a worsening trend of the machinery condition for each ship. Shore side users can access and log in to the CMAXS Web Service via internet connection, and understand the condition of each piece of machinery, download the measurement data of each piece of machinery, renew the CMAXS utilization contract, and stop CMAXS utilization when a ship is sold.

Brochure(ClassNK CMAXS) [PDF:838KB] 

Brochure(ClassNK CMAXS Digested Version) [PDF:148KB] 

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